Notice:My firm will provide work-shop training courses for monthly accounting, tax filing and payrolls etc in Shanghai WFOE, JV etc to help the University undergraduate, graduate to be well-qualified to enter Sound WFOE, JV etc., If you have any interest please send your requiremnt to for my firm to evaluate and stipulate the training course for applicants. It's coming soon. My office will be closed for Labor Day from April 29th of 2012 and be re-opened on May 2nd of 2012.
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J&J (Shanghai) CPA Firm
Shanghai J&J Certified Public Accountants Firm is founded by two partners John Liu ( Liu Ze Ping) and Julia Peng (Peng Rong). Both of them have been working in the accountants' firm for more than ten years and obtained plenty of experience. Now, Shanghai J&J Certified Public Accountants has joined World Accoungting Organisation - Alliott Group and registered in USA PCAOB - Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.
Integrity is the root of accountants' firm. As Lao-tzu, a famous philosopher of Chinese Taoist said, genuine words are not pleasing to the ears while the words pleasing to the ears are not trustworthy. Anderson, once one of the five biggest accountants firms, lost all its reputation due to discredit. Most certified ccountants firms prefer to adopt the Ltd. Co., type to form the CPA Firm, while we choose the partnership for integrity is our root.
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